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Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.

From: washer of kegs
Subject: Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:42:36 -0000
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Kadaitcha Man wrote:

> Hendrik van Hees wrote:
obscenitiessay, Linux is much more convenient and straight
>> forward than Windows.
> Fucking crap. It's horses for courses; a matter of what you are used to
> and what knowledge you have. Fuck me dead, you linuxfux cunts are
> one-eyed, and that's blind.
> I use both windows and gentoo linux, and I am comfortable working in
> either, so don't go blaming a fucking OS for your lack of accomplishments
> and limited thinking capabilities, you fucking moron.

Pardon but who usually gets blamed for spouting obscenities?  I also use
both, admining my linux at home but having to rely on the IT department at
work for windows.  The standard solution to problems by users is to back-up
the users local data and reinstall.  They say they do not have time to
troubleshoot problems.  I have yet to see these microsoft anointed ones
perform any sort of hack worthy of the title sys admin.  From the evidence
shown to me, the average microsoft advocate is a drooling simpleton.  

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