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Re: Does IBM REALLY support Linux?

From: John Thompson
Subject: Re: Does IBM REALLY support Linux?
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 17:07:30 GMT
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On 2004-06-15, Stephan Simonsen <> wrote:
> If IBM is truly an honest Linux supporter why are IBM's web pages
> plastered with:
> "IBM Recommends Microsoft Windows XP Professional" 
> Two faced IBM is nothing but a gigantic parasitic opportunist and I don't
> buy the bullshit that Microsoft is forcing them to put that on their
> websties.

Keep in mind that IBM is a huge company and many of the divisions don't 
quite see eye-to-eye on all issues.  The PC division in particular has 
been known to be highly Windows-biased and has been for many years -- 
dating well back into the early 1990s when IBM PCs preloaded with IBM's 
own OS/2 operating system were as rare as hen's teeth.


-John (

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