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Re: The basic fact about the free software movement and the problem, the

From: The Black Wibble
Subject: Re: The basic fact about the free software movement and the problem, the solution
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 19:40:04 +1200

"Snuffelluffogus" <> wrote in message">
> The basic fact about the free software movement is that it is
> split into two camps --
> 1. The libertarians, who are excessively pro-business and
> in particular pro-corporate, who often have corporate jobs
> and often proclaim free software is a free ride for business
> interests, therefore good. The libertarians are responsible
> for adding numerous business- and government-friendly packages to Linux.
> Libertarians are enthusiastic about making Linux competitive with
> Windows to the point of making it look-and-feel almost identical.
> The motto of a libertarian is "might makes right" or the equally
> ugly phrase "one dollar one vote". Libertarians would argue

You've being listening to Big Bird again, haven't you?  Look, he's as
dumb as a post so start looking for new friend.  No libertarian believes
nor would say "might makes right" or "one dollar, one vote".  Old
feather brains put you wrong.  Instead, a libertarian would say individual
rights trump the majority vote, and everyone should be equal before the
law. Just ask Bob. Now, here is an introduction to the libertarian
philosophy presented in a shockwave flash format.  I would not have bothered
to provide you with this link had I not been so impressed with your
ability to correctly spell "libertarian" even if incorrectly spelling your
own name.  "Libertarian" is a word with ~five~ syllables, too!  Very
good, Mr Snuffleupagus!  After watching the animation you can
go back to Sesame Street and give Big Bird a good brain slapping.


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