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How to set a web link for forwarded public notices not in plain text asc

From: Don Saklad
Subject: How to set a web link for forwarded public notices not in plain text ascii
Date: 20 Jun 2004 08:24:19 -0400
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          a. How might I set up a free public service with notices of
             Boston City Council committees public hearings that the
             council distributes merely by email in microsoft word
             format ?...

             Ironically, the council has been unwilling to see how to
             distribute public notices in plain text ascii

          b. Would there be something like a list server that would
             automatically convert my forwarded public notices in
             microsoft word format and make them readable on the web?...

             I get the microsoft word formatted notices in rmail in
             emacs and could forward them regularly, if necessary.

          c. Or would there be another way for me to forward the
             microsoft word formatted notices to a web link where
             anyone would be able to check the current and archived notices?...

             I could get an email address submitted on the email list that
             would effect forwarding of the microsoft word public notices 

> 1) The more you ask a user to do, the fewer of them will do it.  
>    Bottom line: fewer people in your target mailing, even
>    consider coming to your event.
> 2) Instead of N people doing the conversion, it makes more sense for 1
>    person to do it.  The person who sent it.  The person who wants the
>    event to be successful.  This also shows respect for the many
>    recipients, you are choosing to make their lives easier, not harder.
>       And the plain ASCII text version should be the first MIME
>    component.  As Jordan suggest, it should include useful web links,
>    like maps to the site.
>       If other versions are appended after that as other MIME
>    components, it matters much less.  Usually a waste of Internet
>    bandwidth, mail spool space, CPU, etc, but whatever.

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