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Re: How to set a web link for forwarded public notices not in plain text

From: Joel Reicher
Subject: Re: How to set a web link for forwarded public notices not in plain text ascii
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 12:18:15 GMT
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Don Saklad <> writes:

> >Processing the mail automatically is not hard -- you just `forward'
> >your mail through something like procmail and correctly configure
> >procmail to send some of your mail through the converter. You can even
> >wrap the converter in a fancy script which will drop a file in the
> >right place for your website and modify the site's index.
>           a. Who could set up something like that ?...

You could. :)

>           b  Where do you get expertise about procmail and converting?...

>From the procmail documentation and the converter's documentation. :)

>           c. Would there be anything in place that would not need that
>              expertise?...

Maybe, but I don't know of it. Special purpose software generally
doesn't exist (for free) unless there's a significant demand for
it. That's unlikely in your case, so your best bet is to configure
some generic software yourself.

>           City hall MIS management information services did not know
>           how to set up email in plain text ascii nor how to set up
>           a web link with the public notices of city council committees
>           meetings

Why do you keep posting these URLs?


        - Joel

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