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Re: Operating systems are not religions (you fools)

From: jwk
Subject: Re: Operating systems are not religions (you fools)
Date: 23 Jun 2004 06:50:50 -0700 ( wrote in message 
> I had an interview today where I was told that, because I had
> coded so much for Unix/Linux and only a couple years for Windows
> that I had to "change [my] religion" to Windows. I said, in
> as polite a tone as possible, "well it's not really a religion,
> it's just an OS; and I'm pretty much agnostic about OSes".
> But that wasn't enough, the dingbat manager was apparently quite
> serious and didn't believe that I could convert away from my 
> Unix-and-Linux religion -- he didn't believe I was agnostic --
> to Windoze. He even mentioned that "at least" I didn't have any
> Java on my resume -- that would have been pure heresy it seems.
> But I even resorted to praising Windows despite the fact that I commonly 
> watch Explorer crash under XP Pro after certain operations. Granted
> the kernel itself stays running...just don't install Visual C++!
> I must say I find it pathetic and stupid that people get wrapped up in their
> little operating systems. It's not just the interviewer: the bickering 
> that goes on in Usenet is just the same, with Linux advocates trying 
> to insult 'less pious' Linux users and Windows zealots making insipid 
> childish attacks. The disdain that self-promoted gurus and experts
> have for the public only shows their hubris. And of course anyone 
> who questions open source is automatically a heretic--the enemy.
> And all this religious childishness is over what, a stupid box of circuits 
> sitting on your desk? Why the hell care? These people need to get a LIFE.

Write your experience up and send it to Scott Adams for his cartoon
"Dilbert".  If he uses it, it will be about the only satisfaction you
get in the matter.


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