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Re: Operating systems are not religions (you fools)

From: Quantum Leaper
Subject: Re: Operating systems are not religions (you fools)
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 00:10:54 GMT

Ruel Smith wrote:
> Snuffelluffogus wrote:
>> (TuxTrax) wrote in message
>>> Price them and get back to me.
>> 17-inch 1.5 GHz laptop from apple $2800
>> 17-inch 2.8 GHz laptop from sony $2100
> MHz != MHz when comparing two processors. Case in point, Athlon 64/FX
> vs. Pentium 4.
> However, I do agree that you pay a premium for a closed system that
> you don't have much opportunity to upgrade on you own. I'd prefer to
> build my own system based on Intel/AMD for a lot less.

Wow,  you can build your own Laptop,  your very good then.....
Just wondering where you buy the parts for the laptop?

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