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Re: Linux=Alpha Version Applications (Suse 9.1)

From: Richard Asbridge
Subject: Re: Linux=Alpha Version Applications (Suse 9.1)
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 20:16:18 +0100
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Fred Quimby wrote:

> On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 18:44:00 -0400, Lall wrote:
>> On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 22:34:07 +0000, Salvo Sittinieri wrote:
>>> Lall wrote:
>>>> The linux kernel may be stable, but the applications are firmly
>>>> entrenched in alpha status.
>>>> I've just installed Susue 9.1 and the number of applications that
>>>> either segfault,hang, or just plain don't even start or work is
>>>> staggering. How can a major company like suse/novell release such a bug
>>>> riddled product.
>>>> This is my first experience with Linux and it has cost me $99.00 but I
>>>> can tell you that I won't be this stupid next time.
>>>> It's east to see why there is nobody using Linux compared to the number
>>>> of people using Windows.
>>>> If linux wishes to overtake Windows it has to understand that releasing
>>>> applications that actually work might be a good first step.
>>>> Lall Sat-------<
>>> Consider just that a linux alpha application has less security bugs than
>>>   a windows application in final version.
>> Yea I can see that.
>> An application that doesn't even start is bound to be 100 percent locked
>> down as far as securituy is concerned.
>>>What's the difference if I Consider that suse offers you the latest
>>>application and software
>>> avaiable instead microsoft [1 operating system ever 3-4 years].
>> Again, when these things don't work, who cares how up to date they are.
>> I want applications that actually work.
>> Windows applications work.
> Do Thye fuck as like
>> Suse 9.1 applications, at least a good number of them, don't work.>
>>>Consider that you are free to choose...
>> Amongst what?
>> A pile of dysfunctional applications?
>> No thanks.
>> I'd rather walk into Frys and plunk down my $49.99 and go home with a
>> professional application written by professional programmers than an
>> application that is void of any help system and requires a degree in
>> programming to use.
>>  Linux needs some professional company to step in and turn these half
>>  abortion applications into useable products.
>>> Turi.

Might I suggest...

1. Please don't generalise! If you want help tell us the problem and we'll
do the best we can to help you fix it e.g. which applications? When did
they hang? what else was running at the time? Some specifics?

2. If you're simply wanting to rant then call child line... they actually

3. If it says "alpha" and you run it... erm... EXPECT IT TO CRASH alpha
software is pre-pre-release software... what did you expect?

4. Saying "How can a major company like suse/novell release such a bug
riddled product." is like asking how Microsoft can allow a heap of crap
like "Partition magic" to run on Windows 2000 because it trashed you
partitions... plainly, Microsoft don't write or maintain or take any
responsibility for Partition magic neither is Linux kernel team or Novell
responsible for any alphaware you try on the OS they build or distribute.

5. Get a grip, ask an intelligent question, get a good answer...
alternatively re-install windows, go back to your MS Office and don't
bother us anymore because frankly... I doubt very much if anyone reading
your post gives a damn!

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