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Learning C++ with gnu software?

From: Cecil
Subject: Learning C++ with gnu software?
Date: 9 Jul 2004 14:14:11 -0700

Hello. I will be installing gnu/linux on a laptop(toshiba libretto
with 7 inch screen) in the next month or so, and have decided that I
need to go with purely commandline because its easier on my eyes. I
will be starting C++ in school soon(yes, back to school after the age
of 30 sucks). Is there a book or web site that will help me learn C++
in the context of using only gnu command line tools? I really should
say non-X windows based tools. Am I daft for considering this? I just
can see the console text much easier than anything else right now. But
all my texts either refer to a ms windows Visual C++ ide or simply a
g++ (insert whatever here). However, nothing about gdb. I have poked
around emacs and it's rather intimidating. I'd like to get suggestions
as to a good programmer's editor that will do syntax highlight and
color and auto indent. I'd like to learn about RCS or Subversion. I
can understand how that could be a big help. Sorry if this is a bother
folks, but because of hardware limitations and my failing eyesight, I
would rather use a command line. I am wearing bifocals at 31. Not
good. So, basically all the tutorials that talk about using debugger
and all that in the course of teaching C++ from the ground up all
refer to non gnu command line. Well, I'd like to learn it.

Have a good day,


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