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Re: Learning C++ with gnu software?

From: Corey_G
Subject: Re: Learning C++ with gnu software?
Date: 19 Jul 2004 19:28:33 -0700

> Cecil wrote:
> Hello. I will be installing gnu/linux on a laptop(toshiba libretto
> with 7 inch screen) in the next month or so, and have decided that I
> need to go with purely commandline because its easier on my eyes.

If your eyesite is poor, why are you using a 7 inch screen? :)

I would actually think using X would be better for you, as you have
more control over your display and can adjust font sizes and use
magnification within applications.  But I'm sure you have reasons for
preferring console.

I got through programming courses in college using the pico editor. 
It pretty much sucks, but was the only commandline choice at the the
time besides vi or emacs.  In hindsight, I was retarded for not
learning vi/emacs at the time (which I have since done).  But I needed
a quick console based editor that was easy to learn (and was available
on the OSF mini).  I now use SciTe, which has all of the features you
mentioned.  But you need X to run it, so not much help there.

> all my texts either refer to a ms windows Visual C++ ide 

usually books about the core language itself will not refer to any
sort of IDE at all.  They focus on language structure, features, and
syntax.  The one we used was the Stroustrup book (The C++ Programming
Language).  Its more of language reference though.

anyways, good luck!


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