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Re: Amazon Patents Getting Numbers Off a Check

From: Lee Hollaar
Subject: Re: Amazon Patents Getting Numbers Off a Check
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 17:05:40 +0000 (UTC)

In article <> AES/newspost 
<> writes:
>In article <cdtpbf$c4f$>,
> (Lee Hollaar) wrote:
>> The rules for submitting prior art are found at 37 CFR 1.501, including
>> mailing a copy to the patent owner or filing the information with the
>> USPTO in duplicate if service can't be made.

>Not finding any obvious links or queries in the FAQ related to the 
>procedure you describe, I went back to the home page and searched on the 
>number you gave, i.e. 37 CFR 1.50.  This did not yield any result from 
>the search function.

Note that it is Section 1.501.   Section 1.50 does not exist.

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