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Re: Munich converts to GNU/Linux and then FAILS!

From: 7
Subject: Re: Munich converts to GNU/Linux and then FAILS!
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 14:16:48 GMT
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Blake Dodson wrote:

> 7 <> wrote in message
> news:<8b1Sc.110446$>...
>> Mike Cox wrote:
> <SNIP>
> I get the feeling you dislike American software... and although I too
> dislike Windows, what a Prophetic name (security wise), even Unix has
> its roots in the US.

American procedure != American Software

> I use the Mandrake distro and I find it very refreshing. I beleieve
> the Problem with Munich is not Linux, but the operators themselves. I
> can take Word documents and convert them no problem.
> So this leaves me asking- "Do you know what you are talking about?"

Yes do you?

> Regards,
> B.D.
***Three male programmers were in the bathroom standing at the
The first programmer finishes, walks over to the sink to wash his
He then proceeds to dry his hands very carefully. He uses paper towel
after paper towel and ensures that every single spot of water on his
hands is dried.
Turning to the other two, he says, "At Microsoft, we are trained to be
extremely messy - sorry guys!"
The second programmer finishes his task at the urinal and he proceeds
to wash his hands. He uses a single paper towel and makes sure that he
dries his gonads using every available portion of the paper towel.
He turns and says, "At Intel not only are we trained to be extremely
messy but we also have short dicks."
The third programmer finished and walks straight for the door,
shouting over his shoulder, "At Sun, we don`t any balls."

> Courtesy of Syid Arif

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