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make hidden targets

From: rejeesh
Subject: make hidden targets
Date: 10 Aug 2004 08:23:13 -0700


is there a way to have a target that is more like a prerequisite?

let's say in file "makerules"

## some common defaults to check for ##

## run some common defaults ##

This file is included in other make files with other targets - these
are the main targets. The other make files may have different targets,
the only rule is that they can not have these two targets. But all
must include this makerules file.

now when they do so, these two targets must be sort of fall-through
targets. That is they have to be executed each time make runs,
regardless of what target is being specified or no target is being
specified. At the same time other makefiles are totally unaware of
these two targets. I mean, they wouldn't know if these two
prerequisite targets exists or not.

So when these makefiles are ran, with or without a target, the targets
in makerules must be executed like a flow-through, then find the first
target or the specified target in the makefile that included the
makerule and execute that target (the usual way).

i tried .DEFAULT: check-defaults run-defaults but that didn't work.
perhaps i did some thing wrong.

is there a way?? please help.

thanks in advance,

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