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Re: Munich converts to GNU/Linux and then FAILS!

From: ray
Subject: Re: Munich converts to GNU/Linux and then FAILS!
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 12:34:05 -0600
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On Mon, 09 Aug 2004 23:16:03 +0000, Mike Cox wrote:

> The dangerous Linux advocate's lies can cost tax payers MILLIONS!  When
> someone believes that Linux is ready for the desktop, or that Linux has MORE
> and BETTER applications than Windows would be wise to learn what happened in
> Germany.
> Munich DELAYED their Linux conversion from Microsoft(TM) software.  They are
> going back with their tails between their legs.
> But look how quickly they are back-tracking on their Linux conversion.
> Munich's reason of delaying is supposedly because of "patent issues".  But
> IBM said that they won't sue, and if IBM says they won't sue, no one else
> can because IBM has thousands of patents and they can bury anyone who tries
> because most companies likely infringe on one of IBM's patents.
> So obviously, patents are not the real reason Munich Germany is stopping
> their conversion to Linux.  And we all know what the real reason is: LINUX
> Munich Linux boxes were battered left and right as various MS Word documents
> flew their way.  Popular business applications were unavailable on Linux,
> and the OSS equivalents were years behind in features and stablility.
> Necessary accounting programs needed to run the city were only Windows
> based.  Imagine the grief caused to the poor government workers.  And the
> Linux option was MORE expensive!
> Now Munich will have to pay the Linux vendor 35 MILLION EUROS AND WILL ALSO
> HAVE TO PAY THEIR MICROSOFT licenses!!!!  The German tax payers who must now
> pay DOUBLE, once for the Linux conversion AND NOW FOR Microsoft Licenses
> because they are not converting to Linux.
> There is a lesson to be learned.  Don't believe a word Linux advocates say.
> They hope and pray that linux is better than windows, but it's not.  LINUX

You might want to check the analysis on the weekly summary at - I think they may have more insight than you.

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