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Re: Blame anyone and anything BUT Linux.

Subject: Re: Blame anyone and anything BUT Linux.
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 09:03:01 -0500
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["Followup-To:" header set to comp.os.linux.advocacy.]
On 2004-08-11, da <> wrote:
> Making these kinds of statements in this newsgroup is like...
> ...speaking out against the Catholic Church in 14th Century Spain!!!
> Do you have a death wish or something?
> Egads, man!
> -- da
> "Swampee" <> wrote in message
>> That's the name of the game when it comes to the pathetic state of Linux
>> advocacy.
>> Typical answers to questions in Linux groups are:
>> 1. You're an idiot.
>> 2. RTFM
>> 3. Write your own xxxyyyzzz (compiler, word processor, graphics driver
> etc)
>> 4. Blame your hardware manufacturer for not supporting Linux (so who DOES
>> support Linux)

No, blame the consumer for refusing to do ANY homework.

There are devices that aren't supported by NT4. While this is a support
issue for NT4, it is easily routed around by not being a total idiot when
you are shopping.

>> 5. Try distro x instead of distro y (the all famous distribution shuffle)

No, this merely indicates that Linux is not homogeneous. There are distro
and tool arguments within Unix that make any Linux vs. WinDOS pale by 

That is the double edge sword of diversity.

>> 6. RPM has troubles, but apt is great.
>> 7. apt has troubles but rpm is great.
>> 8. You are using an outdated version.

Well, THE SOFTWARE IS FREE. You can understand why someone might
still be running Windows 3.1. It COSTS MONEY to acquire new versions.

Linux & FreeBSD don't have the same problem.

>> 9. There is something wrong with you.
>> 10. Works fine for me, it must be you. (Generally the Linux freak is FOS)
>> 11. App *foo* is not Linux.
>> 12. Kde sucks use gnome.
>> 13 gnome sucks use kde.

Once again, if you don't like one solution to a particular problem you
aren't STUCK with "the one true interface" like you are with WinDOS.

I am a WindowMaker user. So I simply don't have to worry about how
sucky or bloated the KDE or Gnome desktops are. That is the value 
of genuine choice.

That is what Microsoft sucks out of the computing landscape.


The real problem with WinDOS is the fact that you get looked at like
Typhoid Mary if you decide that you'd rather use AmiPro. Why use the
platform that "runs everything" if you can't really "run everything"?

It is not true that Microsoft doesn't innovate. 

        They brought us the email virus.
        In my Atari days, such a notion would have             |||
        been considered a complete absurdity.                 / | \


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