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Re: Binary version of GNU FTP for Win32 - (0/1)

From: MC
Subject: Re: Binary version of GNU FTP for Win32 - (0/1)
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 22:44:16 GMT

On 17 Aug 2004 21:50:20 +0200, David Kastrup <> wrote:

>MC <> writes:
>> Am I correct in that any cygwin program depends on a cygwin dll?  I
>> would prefer to have something that's totally stand-alone.  Also, does
>> ncftp do scripting?
>Mingw32.  Same web page as MSYS <URL:>.


Mingw32.  Hmm, are you suggesting that I set up the Mingw32
environment and built the ftp client myself?  (Am I correct in that
this would give me what I'm after: a stand-alone EXE that does

I'd love it if some nice person who already has their system
configured to build the FTP source would build it for me  Here is the
source from the inetutils archive.



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