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Re: GPL'ing Solaris won't save SUN

From: Simon Waters
Subject: Re: GPL'ing Solaris won't save SUN
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 20:05:08 +0100
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Erik Magnuson wrote:
| I also think that Linux is being torn between two directions - one is
| the hobbyist and experimental crowd that like trying out new ideas
| (e.g. ReiserFS)
|  - the other is the "serious business OS" crowd that wants stability
| over just about evrything else.

I don't think it is torn.

Business OSes have to evolve, otherwise you end up with something like
MVS which will still run code from 1961 and you pay 43 years back tax
everytime you try and make it do something new. Down this path is
another form of stagnation.

Hans makes some comments on the stability of ReiserFS 3 in the ReiserFS
4 release notes (which are well worth reading, if hard going).

The "serious" business crowd are all following the advice I was once
given by Oracle support; "sure you CAN run Oracle on that filesystem,
just don't run anything important on it until the filesystem is at least
two years old".

Just because your server could run ReiserFS 4 doesn't make it the smart
move, which is basically what it says in the release notes.

That said would you tie your business to an OS that doesn't have the
likes of Hans Reiser developing new ideas for it?

| - no competition means stagnant products.

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