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Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference

From: ajv2003
Subject: Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 22:16:06 -0500
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7 wrote:

David Fabian wrote:

"David Fabian" <> wrote in message

"ziliath" <> wrote in message">


   "I think outsourcing is good for Americans, it creates jobs in
   America," said T. J. Rodgers, founder, president and chief executive
   officer of Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

He is either a liar or a complete idiot, who would give away his money,
while thinking he is getting richer.

Right.  And breathing causes suffocation, drinking water makes you
thirsty, sitting on a hot stove gives you frostbite, ... I guess he needs
a boot up his ass so he can take a good shit.

You have to spend money to make money and each amount
spent has to be efficiently spent, which in times gone
by would have meant investing in USA, but not any more.

Aha, thus all them State Governments in this Union are waisting Tax dollars trying to attract factories, R&D facilities? They should be investing the money in China, India, Polen, Russia?

Its no different to printing monopoly money and handing it
to these wingers. It ain't gonna bring those jobs back.

Maybe you can hire some of these displaced workers as a body guard to protect your efficiently spend dollars after you buy the goods bought from outside this country, better yet get some visa for body guards from overseas the'll be cheaper as they won't have to pay the going rate in taxes and they will be happy to live in the old chicken coup on your property.

Times are changing and you change with it or fuck off die.

Many will die but you might not enjoy living here.

This vicious anti-social campaign against outsourcing
must stop and everyone affected restructure - not keep
asking for handouts after handouts and a protected

Right you are we should sell out everything. Bigger tax breaks to the rich so they can more efficiently spend the dollar and let the working classes pay-off the huge 7,000,000 Million deficit. Great advice!

 - thats just commies in disguise policy

We were all surprised when the USSR fell and we found how well the party favorites were living.

- because that money comes from tax payers
and tax payers can expect value for money in how
it is spent.

You may keep in mind who is the major tax payer. It is not the 1% of the folks who own 72 % of the whealth in this nation.

 If it is squandered through the activities
of a vocal minority, it will damage businesses,

Hey, businesses are abandoning this nation for greener pastures.

and the general tax payer because all around them the
products these over paid developers are going to be producing
funded from this gravy train

You have to be a CEO, upper management, whealthy or a politician to be on this gravy train

will make the companies and organisations they work for
highly inefficient and uncompetitive compared to the
rest of the world and unable to compete in the real world.

Funny, Europe is doing well without the mass dislocation of jobs, but than those governments know who votes there,

All companies would like to charge more because they
can earn more, if they don't outsource,
but the reality is that any product
they develop will not be competitive in the global
market, and they will not be able to adapt to the
changes that are coming on time, and they as good as
dead when they have to face real competition in the
global market.

Really. Chea, just finished economy 101?

Steel, clothing, cars, etc were all once made in USA, but
the bulk of that is made elsewhere because the dick heads
didn't spend the money to restructure and make themselves
able to compete.

Yup, I'm driving my last made in the US automobile and truck. the next one's are going to be from Japanese companies who also compete globaly but do not devestate the workers in their econmies. a bit of principle is in order.

Before replying, remember, flat screens costing
US$20,000 and made in USA is available
if any dickhead wants to buy because there are
laws to protect America's consumers from
those nasty $199 LCD makers from supplying the same thing.

Yup there are suckers born every minute. Probably was a Military purchase.

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