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Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference

From: Tom Wilson
Subject: Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 14:02:13 -0400
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ziliath wrote:
Tom Wilson <> wrote in message news:<lDUXc.48204

Since the open source model has done wonders to blunt bullshit coming from the software industry, perhaps it could somehow be applied to corporate management?

I think it would be more effective to have capitalism recognized
as a religion and demand separation of church and state.

No. Nothing wrong with capitalism. What's needed is to force these executives to have all their goods and services supported by Indian call centers. That'd teach 'em. Let them get all their precious reports done in "Engrish". Let them cope for a week in the trenches with these people and see how damned ineffective and expensive this offshoring nonsense is in the long run.

Tom Wilson
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