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Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference

From: michael douglas
Subject: Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference
Date: 3 Sep 2004 20:04:14 -0700

Zalek Bloom <> wrote in message 
> On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 23:24:18 +0000, David Fabian wrote:
> > "ziliath" <> wrote in message 
> >
> >>
> > 
> > Excerpt:
> > 
> >     "I think outsourcing is good for Americans, it creates jobs in America,"
> >     said T. J. Rodgers, founder, president and chief executive officer of
> >     Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
> > 
> > He is either a liar or a complete idiot, who would give away his money,
> > while thinking he is getting richer.
> I think he is right - replacing American workers by cheap foreign
> workers (called outsourcing) is excellent for America - for
> rich America. Replacing American $80k/year engineer by $5k Indian engineer
> saves corporation $75k/year - 
Wrong Gloom,
Check out management salary rise or for that matter the oft-fabled ceo
compensation rise(the farters only quote stock options(not the
exercise date) in
calculationg compensation)
And this MEANS a $99 DVD player, BTW most indian engineers are in the
range...and eastern europeans including poles are CHEAPER than indians
in salary $7k average...
>which means bigger bonuses for corporate
> management. And not only big management gains - they can spend more
> money on lobbying the Senate and Congress - that means our politicians
> gain too.
> And the truth is that American voters overwhelmingly support this trend
> - about 80% of them will be voting for Bush/Kerry team - both support
> replacing American workers by cheap foreigners.
> Zalek

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