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Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference

Subject: Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 13:12:42 -0500
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On 2004-09-07, Tim Jowers <> wrote:
> ajv2003 <> wrote in message 
> news:<>...
>> threeseas wrote:
>> > ziliath wrote:
>> >
>> >> 7 <> wrote in message
>> > Money doesn't appear and disappear out of thin air and money of the 
>> > amount around a trillion is hideable by how?
>> >
>> > this idea some seem to have about abusing labor in other countries in 
>> > order for the US to be top economic ....bla bla bla... is crap.
>> >
>> > Outsourcing is really doing nothing more than contributing to 
>> > balancing economic fairness in the world.

        Nope. An Indian company cleaning Microsoft's clock with Indian
labor would be balance and econonmic fairness. As things are now they just
have foreign interests exploiting their resources for (limited) foreign gain.

>> >
>> > if you have a problem with that, then its clear what kind of person 
>> > you really are.
>> Oh, t'is so nice to make your home in Disneyland.
>> --
> Tax and Withholding
> USA worker: $50k
> China worker: $2.5K
> India worker: $3K
> Jobs gone. Pay rates gone. Tax revenues gone.

        This is made all the worse when you consider that the current state
of the tax code will tend to place bigger burdens on that USA worker and his
$50K. (versus a proprietor with a similar net income)

        Soaking the middle class and then decimating the middle class is not
really a bright idea.

> Tax and spend government fails. Smart US citizens see the writing on the 
> wall. 


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