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Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference

From: Richard Hutnik
Subject: Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference
Date: 9 Sep 2004 09:50:45 -0700

"David Fabian" <> wrote in message 
> "ziliath" <> wrote in message 
> >
> Excerpt:
>     "I think outsourcing is good for Americans, it creates jobs in America,"
>     said T. J. Rodgers, founder, president and chief executive officer of
>     Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
> He is either a liar or a complete idiot, who would give away his money,
> while thinking he is getting richer.

Not a liar, and there is some truth it in.  Short of a whole new niche
in high tech being developed, these are examples of the types of jobs
that get created:
1. Walmart workers, to stock shelves and help customers, buy Chinese
made products, because that is what people can only afford due to
declining wages.
2. Maids, butlers and cooks for the uberrich.
3. McDonalds manufacturing jobs.
4. Multilingual American project managers to take the blame for
offshore IT workers screwing up projects.
5. Salespeople to go to businesses to have them outsource their IT
departments to IT companies that offshore IT work.
6. Instructors to teach people from foreign countries to speak
Americanese (American version of English) correctly to facility the
offshoring of helpdesk phone calls.
7. Lawyers specializing in foreign intellectual property theft, so
they can help legally go after foreign nationals who steal code.
8. Government project managers who can help offshore development and
tech people  meet demands of U.S law when they have government money

See, there is a plentitude of new jobs that will be created by
offshorting. I gave 8 examples.  By the way you techies thank you for
laying down the roads/pipeline/fiber to facilitate your jobs going

- Richard Hutnik

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