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Google -- A Stillborn Revolution

From: John Bailo
Subject: Google -- A Stillborn Revolution
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 02:55:43 GMT
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Google has promised to be a /good/ company.

But everything it has done so far appears to be elitist, and status quo.


1. They claim fairness, but yet award the owners of the company a different
class of stock, worth 10 of the common stock.   What kind of Missouri
Compromise is this?  What's next, those who don't use Google are 3/5th of a

2. They sell out to China -- and bastardize their search engine -- the prime
driver of their success -- just to gain marketshare.

3. Feedback.  There is none.   Google cannot be contacted in any reasonable
way.   Emails are responded to with robot answering systems that would
leave the best Soviet bureacrat irate.

4. Stealing public IP.  Google Groups is a vast theft of Usenet IP.  It was
done in total violation of the copyright laws.   Google put its imprimateur
on top of Usenet posts, published by millions of individuals.   It is part
of their top draws, and while it doesn't display ads directly, it enhances
the Google image -- at the expense of millions of unpaid knowledge workers.

5. There are no public Google Usenet newsgroups.   At least Microsoft has
the balls to put newsgroups on Usenet for people to whine and moan.  
Google does not -- the walls of the Google Politburo are 12 feet of

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