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Does Google PageRank Usenet searches ?

From: Jeff Relf
Subject: Does Google PageRank Usenet searches ?
Date: 28 Sep 2004 23:43:05 GMT
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Hi John Bailo,

Re: Google's PageRank™ ( I assume ),

You commented: <<

  They have a lot of flaws -- 
  their search methodology is fundamentally flawed
  -- so I have no doubt they'll crash shortly. >>

Microsoft and Google are not going away anytime soon.

PageRank gives my home page a score of zero,
I won't even show it, so I'm none to happy about that.

A well-linked-to page  ( which also has few links on it )
has to link to my page before they'll index it.
...As the most-linked-to sites have the most influence 
over what does or does not get indexed.

Interestingly enough, the more links you put on your page 
the lower your page appears when you do a search.

If you want your page to be listed at the top of a search,
you've got to have a whole lot of people linking to you,
_ And _  you must minimize the links you give out.

Unfortunately, I don't currently know of a better system.

I wonder if they use PageRank on Usenet searches ! ?

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