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Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference

From: threeseas
Subject: Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 06:57:41 GMT
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ziliath wrote:
Tom Wilson <> wrote in message 

ziliath wrote:

Tom Wilson <> wrote in message news:<lDUXc.48204

Since the open source model has done wonders to blunt bullshit coming

from the software industry, perhaps it could somehow be applied to

corporate management?

I think it would be more effective to have capitalism recognized
as a religion and demand separation of church and state.

No. Nothing wrong with capitalism.

Really? Strange idea. What makes you say that?

Economic systems are based on some theory(s) as to how they are to work, but in real life those theories don't hold up and the result is that we get a system not pure in its application of the theory it is based upon.

ie. capitalism in the US has elements of socialism in it, such as social security, food stamps, etc..

There are also some bad outcomes, especially when theories are applied in a manner of convience (only when it benefits the applier). We see this in the doings of MS all the time... teh applying of war like tactics in business, where breaking the law, getting caught and being fines is considered a part of teh "cost of doing business" resulting in little or no incentive to not continue such criminality.

Capitalism provides good incentive to compete fairly, so long as it is kept fair, otherwise it becomes nasty and the purpose of the theory is neutralized..... benefit to the consumers/buyers gets converted to anti-trust issues....

Many recognize capitalism as teh best system so far, but we can do better and as the scope of econimics worldwide improves the value of capitalism (in application, not theory) can become reduced.

At what point does our advancement of technology enable us all to have more free time or time to enjoy life, rather than working at some job to make a living?

In otherwords, this foundation idea that we must have jobs 40+ hours a week is for the benefits of who? Who and/or what are you working for?
Is this what we are born/grown for?

On the subject of outsourcing..... perhaps its time to start looking at other things that can take away or reduce your personal work load.

Like MS Software Factories.... you know, so you can make MS/Bill Gate more money...

Or get to the point, we are all in this together and disneyland (correction) Disneyworld is not a bad place to live, where the odds are far less that you will die of some war machine.

whos building it for who?

for the people by the people.... GPL...

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