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Re: Patents again

From: Abdullah Ramazanoglu
Subject: Re: Patents again
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 07:19:48 +0300
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begin  Kari Laine <> dedi ki:

(Cross-posted to gnu.misc.discuss and sorry for top-posting)

Can't cross-post this to because it's not two-way
mirrored to usenet (moderation is not the issue). I'm not in the
mail-list, though. So please drop a mail there about this, if you're
subscribed to debian-legal list. BTW, are there any NGs equally or more
relevant to cross-post this?

There is a usenet discussion thread pertaining software patents, and
several questions are still hanging open. I kindly ask that interested
people in g.m.discuss (and read the thread and share their
views. The original thread is in comp.os.linux.advocacy and starts with
the message:

Subject:    Patents again
Message-ID: <>
Newsgroup:  comp.os.linux.advocacy
From:       Kari Laine
Date:       Sun, 03 Oct 2004 19:53:04 +0300

or, you can reach it from Google via,

A particularly interesting question for me among others is, what is the
status of a patented code introduced into a GPL program by the patent
owners themselves? Do they automatically give up their relevant patent
litigation rights against *all* GPL software base? If not, then what if
some company at this very point is busy inserting a lot of patented code
into Linux?

Other questions are,

- Should we abstain from getting into patent craze in denial of the
concept? Or should we abuse the game by overplaying it, thus rendering it
non-applicable, thus cancelling the game?

- Howto create a self-funding open source patent organization? Other means
of self-funding "open patents"?

- How to get patents cheap?

- How about a GPP (General Public Patent) legal document which makes the
patent the valid currency, just like GPL makes the source code the valid

- Whether IBM, RedHat etc. allies getting "defensive" patents is a relief
or a threat?

Etc. etc.

I have not cross-posted this to comp.os.linux.advocacy because is a moderated, usenet-mirrored mailing list. So,
people in other groups can't post to a NG list that contains
Please do not reply this post directly without reading the original
thread, but visit c.o.l.advocacy and reply from therein.

Thank you.
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