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NYC LOCAL: Thursday 14 October 2004 LXNY Special Visitor Meeting: S. R.

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Thursday 14 October 2004 LXNY Special Visitor Meeting: S. R. Bourne, of the shell, of the shell again, of the ACM, and of the RAS
Date: 12 Oct 2004 03:26:29 -0400

What:  Special visitor meeting of LXNY.
Who:   Our speaker will be Steve Bourne.
Date:  Thursday, 14 October 2004
Time:  6:30 pm

Location: Columbia University in the City of New York

Exact Location: Somewhere in the Engineering Buildings, which lie in the
Northeast part of the campus of Columbia University.  We will place signs
at the Gate at 116th Street and Broadway, and also near the Engineering
Buildings.  These signs will tell the exact location.

Subway: The 1 and 9 trains stop at 116th Street and Broadway,
the Columbia University stop.

Official Directions to Columbia University:

The speaker is Steve Bourne, of the shell, and again of the shell, of the
ACM, and of the RAS.

We will gather for food and drink after the meeting, location to be
determined at the meeting.

This meeting of LXNY is free and open to the public.

About the speaker:

S. R. Bourne is the designer and author of the Bourne Shell.  The shell is
a principal part of the operating environment of the UNIX Operating System.
It is both the command interpreter and a programming language.  The Bourne
shell was the first widely used UNIX shell, is often known as "the shell"
(sh) and is still itself in wide use today as are its descendents, the
compatible shells (ksh, zsh and bash).

Bourne is the author of the ADB debugging tool.

Bourne is also the author of "The UNIX System", one of the better books
on UNIX.

Steve Bourne recently served as elected President of the Association for
Computing Machinery (ACM), an international organization founded in 1947,
that is one of the two venerable very large professional organizations
in the computer field in the USA.

Steve Bourne's description of the talk:

  The talk begins with the early days of UNIX from the speaker's own
  experience at Bell Labs and discusses some of the key advances made
  including the shell. Some of the shell innovations will be discussed
  including some of the challenges faced introducing it to the user

  The second part of the talk is devoted more to the speaker's recent
  experience at El Dorado Ventures where he is currently CTO. This part will
  discuss the role of Venture Capital, what makes a good VC presentation and
  why some things get funded and others do not. It wraps up with the elements
  of a good business plan and some anecdotes on companies that have failed.

About Steve Bourne, from

  Over the last 20 years Steve has held senior engineering management
  positions at Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment and Silicon
  Graphics. At present he is Chief Technical Officer at El Dorado Ventures in
  Menlo Park, California.

  Prior to this Steve spent nine years at Bell Laboratories as a member of
  the Seventh Edition UNIX team. He designed the UNIX Command Language or
  "Bourne Shell" which is used for scripting in the UNIX programming
  environment and he wrote the ADB debugger tool.

  After receiving his formal education, Steve worked as Assistant Director of
  Research at the Computer Laboratory in Cambridge England. During that time
  he wrote a portable compiler for ALGOL 68. The intermediate language for
  this compiler was the basis for the instruction set of the Cambridge
  Capability Machine.

  Steve is Past President of the ACM and is a fellow of the Royal
  Astronomical Society. He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from King's College
  London, a Diploma (or M.Sc.) in Computer Science from Cambridge University
  and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Trinity College in Cambridge, England.

LXNY thanks the Columbia University Chapter of the ACM for their generous
assistance in hosting this meeting on short notice and in the midst of
their other activities including the programming contest and the NYCBUG
meeting at Columbia, Saturday 16 October 2:00 pm with Marshall Kirk McKusick
and Eric Allman as speakers!

Please feel free to copy this notice to any person or any suitable list.
We ask that the text body be copied entire and uncorrupt.

Michael E. Smith <>
Jay Sulzberger <>
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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