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Re: Patents again

From: threeseas
Subject: Re: Patents again
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 08:40:40 GMT
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Abdullah Ramazanoglu wrote:
begin  threeseas dedi ki:

Abdullah Ramazanoglu wrote:

begin  Paul Jarc dedi ki:


A patented idea can be implemented in a project haphazardly, yes, but it
would be spotty and probably easy to deal with. But a deliberate, covert
plan would provide for a systematic, mass corruption substantially more
difficult to deal with. ....


and a deliberte, covert plan would also leave a trail of evidence....

do you really think the justice system is so corrupt that it could ignore such intent to harm others or their works by such deception?

If you give it a second thought from a wider perspective, then the whole
software patents question should have not existed in the first place
today, if one had to trust the justice (sub)system. Why should I have to
trust the whole basket of eggs to justice subsystem exclusively, instead
of (or in addition to) taking proper care of my own self?

wasn't sure what you were trying to say here.

but isn't the real failure that of computer science and its financial carrot distraction and detour away from the purity of abstraction physics research?

in other words, the legal system doesn't even try to deny the earth revolves around the sun, as it is a scientific established fact. However, it wasn't until sometime in, IIRC, 1990 that the catholic curch finally exonerated (sp?) Galelio (sp?) --- alot of fu&in good it did him now..... but doing so really only served the church, which was losing members.

The legal system, is that church or state? lately here in the south (US) news media, its becomming grey matter again..... like monkey brains....

anyways..... even when the church still held to the belief that Galelio was wrong and a heritic (pre 1990), the legal system did not question whether the earth revolved around the sun, but took it as scientific fact, whos larger body of the government was involved in making use of the knowledge thru the space program. And today we have a commercial race for space travel.... leading to cheaper and safer methods.

So again, where is the scientific basis by which to judge what the hell software is that we might establish a fair and usable system of IP rights assignment that makes sence and doesn't constrain the human right to advance thru creation of better things?
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