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Re: Why are software patents wrong?

From: threeseas
Subject: Re: Why are software patents wrong?
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 04:22:47 GMT
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Rex Ballard wrote:
threeseas <> wrote in message 

Two catagories of answers:

[snipped  to shorten response-- see thread]

The current implementation of patent law, as it has been implemented
by the current patent office structure has became little more than a
"free-for-all", with little regard for original creators.  It's the
biggest "property grab" the United States Cavalry drove the Indians
from the plains and the southwest onto reservations in the deserts of
Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Rex Ballard

interesting evolution you presented.

I wonder how similiar this might have been in comparison to the evolution and limitations reached of the roman numeral system, had only they kept record of such...

history, why we keep it written down... and why some burn it...

I think all you presented in the way of problems with patents and software can be dismissed in the event we establish the physics of abstraction creation and use. As I wrote in another message, making something obvious by bringing it to light, even the hardest against will either give in or look more and more lost to the rest of us.
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