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Looking for software monitoring tool in C/C++

From: Generic Usenet Account
Subject: Looking for software monitoring tool in C/C++
Date: 31 Oct 2004 17:34:33 -0800

[Apologies in advance if this subject is OT]

I am looking for an opensource/freeware/shareware product, developed
in C or C++ (Linux environment), that performs basic software
monitoring.  More specifically, I am looking for an application that
is "in charge" of a number of other applications and maintains
surveillance on those applications during run-time.  If one of those
applications experiences an abnormal failure, it automatically
attempts to relaunch it.

It would be desirable if the application could be a little more
sophisticated and handle things like "retry count" (i.e. number of
times that an attempt is made to relaunch a process) and "retry wait
interval" (i.e. time interval to wait before relaunching a process).

Any pointers will be appreciated.


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