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Re: What happend if (related GPL & src)

From: hgb3D
Subject: Re: What happend if (related GPL & src)
Date: 1 Dec 2004 10:21:32 -0800

> Complete wild unstructured mess mostly elided.  If your question is
> not as important for you to put in a sensible form before posting,
> what makes you think that it should be worth it for people to answer?

I have recibed answers dont worry, by the way, what mean: elided?

> If it is a derived work under copyright law: if you are copying actual
> codes, structures or other stuff.  Algorithms are not covered by
> copyright, their expression is.

That is about copyright true?, how they define structure, because I
think all  have a structure, or they are only talking about struct X
{...}???? and what is the other stuff?

> If you can prove that you had no access whatsoever to the
> original, you might publish a word-for-word identical program if you
> can convince a court that this is just a freak coincidence.

This is about copyright too.

> In court, you can then present the specification
> as the significant piece of information that has been used in the
> cloning process, and the court can decide whether this piece can be
> called a derived copy of the original (a description usually is
> not).

Thanks for that info, interesting.

> Anyway: what is a derived work is not defined by the GPL, but by
> copyright law.

I see (I think) GPL is "something" to modelate the copyright? or how
is the copyright aplied?

Then can you redirect me to where I can read the copyright about
derivate work?


Some anotations that I have raised.

First anotation.

I always read in copyright:
Is proivited parcial or total reproduction of xxxxxxxx....... by
anyways, by anymeans

IIRC. Now, for me that is you can even watch it, list it, read it,
because you can not say me that you are copying to a memory in the
mind for analise it, even to change it by derivations of the logic in
your mind.

For me like you see a derivation is simple, you watch, listed, acquire
be some of your senses (not necesarily a physic, but a mind sense)
something and that is transmited to the brain, then the brain do is
work, that is make derivations.

A derivation can be some like:
a->b->c , there can be a cicle c->a
a+5= 2 -> 2-5 = a -> a = -3 -> a + 5 = 2 -> -3 + 5 = 2

or in languages you have the set {a,b} you give rules or recibe rules
and you can expand derivations or contract them eg: aaaa, bb,

Second anotation:

I have raised my protection against GPL because in the sixth point is
sayed "or any work based on the Program", thus for me mean if is
based, then can be derivated (watch first anotation).

Third anotation:

Altought If I take programm like I know what mean programm and that is
SW, then the work that I whant to do is not based on the programm but
in the source code of the programm.

Fourth anotation:

Modify the programm means modify the programm not the source, altought
pheraphs you will think that only hackers do that, and in fact yes,
but modify the programs is posible even without the source code for
such a programm.

I have watched a crack some time for access a game, the original
programm was about 700Kb or more, the cracked programm was about 80Kb,
you see is posible to modify the programm without the source code.

Modify the programm is diferent from modify the source code.

Fifth anotation:
Activities other than copying, distribution and modification are not
covered by this License;

I have a question?, what more can you do with a programm? other than:
get it, pass it, use it, make a derivation?

For me a derivation not implicate a modification but a modification is
a subset of a derivation.....

Eg, a math derivation (other time.. yes)

3 + 4 = b -> 7 = b

You see you see at the same time I apply a derivation and a
modification 4+3 replaced by 7, but 7 is the derivation of the symbol
'+' for the operators 4 and 3.

The use is covered here:
The act of running the Program is not restricted

But at the end of the license after how to apply:
[quote]This General Public License does not permit incorporating your
program into proprietary programs.

I have explained what I know is a programm (and not implicate source

When you execute a programm under Windows, its loaded by the loader,
charged to the task three, maped to memory of the OS and other things
that I certainly dont know. Thus this programm in a way of run under
this OS is incorporated to the OS execution enviroment, if is sayed
that is proivited incorporate programms in propietary software, for
what is allowed run programms under windows?

Altought other thing, you first say that the running is not
restricted, but in order to run a programm, you must incorporate it to
a execution enviroment!, and by the way, this specific execution
enviroment is produced by a propietary programm called Windows owned
by MS.

Sixth Anotation:

Sorry if this apear to be a attack or that is not well writed, but
first I dont whant to attack, I whant to know for what the things are
like that I dont whant to get a Interpretation of the License, but a
understanding, second I am not a natal english speaker.

Seven Anotation:

If you have passed time answering this type of things, sorry. But was
wath I see and understand from reading it.

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