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Re: why aren't electronics schematics trade secrets?

From: Watson A.Name - "Watt Sun, the Dark Remover"
Subject: Re: why aren't electronics schematics trade secrets?
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 02:36:12 -0800

"hotkey" <> wrote in message
> because one can make the same FUNCTION with different

> "Dan Jacobson" <> wrote in message
> > Just curious why electronics schematics aren't closely guarded trade
> > secrets. Is it because the hard part is making the parts, not
> > stringing them together?

Our mainframe computer used to have a microfiche reader with boxes of
microfiche containing all the schematics of the boards and backplane,
power supplies, disk drives, tape drives, etc.  These were all marked
trade secrets by the maker of the mainframe, and were only supposed to
be read by the field techs.

So the answer to your question is that just because you don't believe
that electronic schematics are closely guarded trade secrets does _not_
mean they don't exist.  For the obvious reason, that trade secrets are
meant to be just that: a secret.  Duh.

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