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can i install Fedora 3 on an old PC ?

From: Leo
Subject: can i install Fedora 3 on an old PC ?
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 11:30:22 GMT

I'm asking if is possible to install the last version of Fedora (core 3) on 
this old PC:
CPU: Pentium MMX 233MHz
RAM: 96Mb
The question is: a recent Linux operating system can work propely on an old 
PC? About Windows, for example, is impossible to install Windows XP on my 
old PC, and is "better" (sure?) to install an older Windows 9X version.
However, do you know if this way to think is right for Linux? At last: which 
distribution of Linux do you suggest to me for my old PC?
Thanks for all, merry christmas and happy holidays!

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