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Re: School encouraging non-free software

From: Henrik S. Hansen
Subject: Re: School encouraging non-free software
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 00:41:04 +0100
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Zen Lunatic <> writes:

> What if I have to use non-free software to get my degree? Should I
> make a big stink about it and say I'm not going to use the non-free
> software even if I fail the class? Also what about internet. I surely
> won' t be able to use my computer (debian) for the internet because
> they have no wireless, so I'll be forced to use Windows to get
> online. What should I do?

I'm also a student (computer science), but luckily have not had to face
this problem.  However, I make an effort to raise awareness of the
ethical problems of proprietary software among fellow students and the
professors.  In my experience, very few are aware of the issues.

Few people would have the courage to reject using proprietary software,
if that meant failing classes.  If you choose that road, you can count
on my moral support.

Whatever you choose, I hope you'll try to make people aware of your
dissatisfaction.  Hopefully, that will make life easier for future


Henrik S. Hansen
Computer science (software engineering) student
Free Software Foundation member #1702 (

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