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Re: Will The Hurd Trample The Penguin ?!?

From: Christopher Browne
Subject: Re: Will The Hurd Trample The Penguin ?!?
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 10:10:28 -0400
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> Rick wrote:
>> On Thu, 14 Jul 2005 20:09:04 -0700, John Bailo wrote:
>>> Ku Karlovsky wrote:
>>>> The Hurd developers concluded, as did many others before them, that
>>>> Mach's performance and stability was insufficient.  OS/X's kernel is a
>>>> monolithic kernel based on a rewritten Mach microkernel with parts of
>>>> the FreeBSD kernel embedded in it.
>>> So shouldn't OSX be licensed under GPL then?
>> BSD. And much if it is.
> I still don't understand.
> Mach is owned by GNU ( or licensed under GPL ).
> If OSX is based -- or includes -- Mach code, then doesn't that GPL OSX?

No, because Mach is NOT "owned by GNU."

Perhaps you might find it useful to look at the *real* licensing
information about Mach, which was produced at CMU, and therefore owned
by Carnegie Mellon University.


Subject: How to get a Mach license
Author: Mary R. Thompson
Date: Oct 1994
A Mach 3.0 license is required in order to get the complete
BSD 4.3 compatible Mach 2.5/3.0 release. This is a rather
obsolete system dating from 1992 which is only available for 
i386/486 platforms and supports the Tahoe level release of 
BSD 4.3. 

CMU does not charge for this license, but with the cessation
of Mach Project support, it may take quite a long time
to process the paper work. 

Before you can get a Mach license, you must have a Fourth 
Berkeley Software Distribution (4.3BSD) license. That license
in turn requires that you have a Unix source license. Information
about the BSD license can be obtained from <>.
These licenses were reaonably priced for educational institutions
but not for individuals or small companies.

If your institution already has a 4.3BSD and you have a lot of
patience, you may contact and 
ask for two signed copies of the Mach license to be mailed to you. 
Please include the official name of the University/Company to which 
the license is to be issued and a mail address to which it can be sent.
We cannot e-mail or FAX licenses because they must have "real"
signatures on them.

A sample of a Mach license is included if you wish to check if your 
company would be willing to sign it.

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