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IP Newsflash

From: claessen
Subject: IP Newsflash
Date: 30 Jul 2005 23:02:38 -0700
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a lot of visitors have provided me with useful insight on how to
improve IP Newsflash. I have not forgotten about your input and instead
have worked hard to implement most of your suggestions.

The completely redesigned website is now available at

Here are some of the new features:

- full cross-compatibility with Firefox, Netscape, Opera and Internet
- choose the content to be displayed yourself (e.g. only english press
and USPTO-related caselaw and notices)
- choose the content to be included in your newsletter (e.g. only
caselaw of the European Patent Office and german press)
- Export patent family search results to Excel, Word, or as a raw XML
- use RSS feeds in XML format on your own website or with your
newsreader (press, caselaw, notices, and books)
- use IP Newsflash content on your own website
- submit your own stories

For some of the new features you have to register (personalized website
or newsletter). Please review the new website and let me know what you
like and what you dislike and what should be improved.

Best regards,


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