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Linus CHARGING $5,000 to use Linux name!!!!!

From: Karen Hill
Subject: Linus CHARGING $5,000 to use Linux name!!!!!
Date: 19 Aug 2005 09:11:23 -0700
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Linus is now doing the ol' switchero.  It is all over the news, if you
want to use his trademark, Linux, you must pay 5,000 dollars!  Letters
have been sent to 90 companies in Australia already demanding the 5
grand.  Just like all the others have warned, Linux was only free until
it got enough suckers to use it.   Hopefully, now the Linux advocates
can see that they were bamboozeled by a classic business move, of
giving away a product for free (linux), until it got good enough to
compete with the other players.  Once enough people are on the product
and can't easily switch, JACK UP THE PRICES, ala RHT.

First Redhat decided to cash in and now Linus Torvalds.  The free
software movement is a scam.  It was from the beginning when Stallman
was charging for the media during the time when the internet was not so

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