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Re: Linus CHARGING $5,000 to use Linux name!!!!!

From: Byron A Jeff
Subject: Re: Linus CHARGING $5,000 to use Linux name!!!!!
Date: 21 Aug 2005 14:54:58 -0400

In article <>,
 <> wrote:
:Karen Hill wrote:
:: Linus is now doing the ol' switchero.  It is all over the news, if
:: want to use his trademark, Linux, you must pay 5,000 dollars!
:: have been sent to 90 companies in Australia already demanding the 5
:: grand.  Just like all the others have warned, Linux was only free
:: it got enough suckers to use it.   Hopefully, now the Linux advocates
:: can see that they were bamboozeled by a classic business move, of
:: giving away a product for free (linux), until it got good enough to
:: compete with the other players.  Once enough people are on the
:: and can't easily switch, JACK UP THE PRICES, ala RHT.
:: First Redhat decided to cash in and now Linus Torvalds.  The free
:: software movement is a scam.  It was from the beginning when Stallman
:: was charging for the media during the time when the internet was not
:: popular.
:that's cause linus is a greedy lintard. now that a couple people
:finally use this worthless os it's his chance to make a few measly
:dollars. linus is a 3rd rate gates wannabe.

I guess that not listening is a good skill to grow up and have.
Linus made it very clear why he was charging real money for the

:if he was really worried bout protecting his retarded trademark he'd
:charge a nominal fee of $1 and deny applicants he doesn't like.

Money has to be paid to register the trademark. Who exactly should
pay for that? Hmmmm, how about the people who are actually using the
trademark? Well DUH!

It's a sliding scale starting at $200. Non profits only need to
register. You only pay $5000 if your annual gross is over $1 million
USD. If I were grossing a cool million because the Linux trademark
was attached to my product, do you really think I'd be worried about
a measley $5000 USD? 

Finally if you really don't like the idea then simply don't use the
trademark. It doesn't stop you from using Linux. Just from using the

:his true colors finally show. he's a greedy punk like the rest of them.

Um. Would not a greedy punk actually get the money that's collected?
All of the proceeds from trademark sales goes to LMI to fund their
operations. Linus isn't seeing any money from this.

I'm really trying to figure out what Linus and Linux advocates did
to these winturds to make them so vehement. I mean did one of us pee
on the wheel of your tricycle or something?


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