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Re: Google not supporting open-standard ?

From: r . e . ballard
Subject: Re: Google not supporting open-standard ?
Date: 28 Sep 2005 02:38:20 -0700
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GIF used the Limpel-Ziv-Welsh compression algorythm, which was patented
in 1985 based on the fact that the same algorythm had also been
implemented in hardware only.

The LZW patent has expired.

JPEG used a Limpel-Ziv compression algorythm that was not patented, and
was implemented/adopted by a standards organization then implemented by
college freshmen using publicly available information - assuring that
it could not be patented.

PNG has it's own advantages in both it's lack of intellectual property
rights encumbrances, as well as it's original implementation in Open
Source.  Ironically, PNG uses a more effecient compression algorythm
that was implemented in GNU Public License source code.

There are enough PNG images out there that it is likely to continue to
survive, but now that the LZW patents have expired, the LZW code is
effectively "public domain".

One of the down sides of patent applications is that after 19 years,
the details of the implementation become public domain and anyone can
implement your device without paying royalties.

Since the "implementation" of a patented device in software is the
source code and algorythm, both become public domain when the patent

You might want to check with a patent lawyer to confirm this.

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