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Re: SPAM filter on Mail-to-News-Gateway?

From: Barry Margolin
Subject: Re: SPAM filter on Mail-to-News-Gateway?
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 22:23:14 -0400
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In article <>, (Stephan Schulz) wrote:

> Hi,
> can whoever runs the mail-to-news gateway _please_ run a basic spam
> filter before injecting the articles? This group is 80% spam, and
> nearly everything seems to come over the gateway....if I want Cialis,
> I can go somewhere else.

I don't see most of it in this group for some reason, but it's *really* 
bad in gnu.emacs.bugs.  I finally gave up and unsubscribed tonight.

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
*** PLEASE post questions in newsgroups, not directly to me ***

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