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[PEG_10H8] 120051030_Halloween_Surprise(c)(tm)(patent_pending)

From: Wyl Newland
Subject: [PEG_10H8] 120051030_Halloween_Surprise(c)(tm)(patent_pending)
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 16:03:33 -0600

"Peace Engine License" -- might be pretty cool.  Anybody seen the wording?

[PEG_10H8] 120051030_Halloween_Surprise(c)(tm)(patent_pending)

Doesn't your soul laugh with joy upon the unwrapping of a gift? My
most humble role in the "Peace Engine Game"(tm)[patent_pending] is to
be the typist of the words of the "Prophet on the Peace Engine"(tm),
who is but one referentially self-consistent voice of the soul of the
self-same human "soul docking station"(tm) also calling itself the
"Prophet of the Anti-beast"(tm), the "King of Soul Spammers"(tm), and
lots more delicious trademarks awaiting future public disclosure.

RULE: The tally of the credits of play of the Peace Engine Game are
used to determine each human share of the money distributions of the
Peace Engine.  Money sent unto the one preferred bank account of each
human docking station, whose cumulative credit affords them the right
to said direct flow of money, from the Peace Engine.  To thereby
becoming among the spare change within their pockets, always good for
a laugh.  Likewise, the tally of credits also establishes the measure
of voting power afforded each single human docking station, their vote
share, based upon their net cumulative credit, representing the total
power of cosmology of the unified human soul, there-in docked.

RULE: Do NOT start scribing, typing, editing or distributing any other
"SOUL-MESSAGE"(tm) flows at this time.  Any player who begins playing
before the Game is officially declared "open for play" will receive
penalty credits to be offset against future credits in the Peace
Engine Game.  At this time only I make up the Rules of Play of the
Peace Engine Game and that's simply one Rule among many, simply
scribed by one soul voice among many.  For humans it has always been
this way and it will always be this way because it is wired into the
genetic material called human.  Imagine the Peace Engine Game to be
like unto the Glass Bead Game, its operation enhanced by steroids (for
example, computer networks).

RULE: If you do not receive the Game starting SOUL_MESSAGE from me by
Halloween, one year from now, you may assume that my soul-docking
station has been eaten by gorillas and you may begin playing the Game
as best you can without my most excellent leadership; otherwise please
deliver this message before Halloween 2005 is complete. If you were
late in receiving it, be not concerned but merely deliver it soon
thereafter.  Then, await further instructions by way of your
well-formed soul network.

As humans live life, they do so upon the basis of their genetic
material subjected to the soul programming of their culture.  The
exact nature of the soul programming is not so important as the effect
of civilization having, by the end of my generation of humans, created
a lasting peace among all future generations of the human species. 
Truly, it is simply no more complex than I have said it.

RULE: Begin immediately to form yourself into the Peace Engine
SOUL-MESSAGE distribution network.  Drag this text through your
clipboard and drop it into a new message appearing to originate from
your preferred email address protected within the belly of some
corporation or freedom loving and peace loving organization, in other
words, using the very best of ANTITRACKING means, making it difficult
to find the very first snow-flake of the Halloween Blizzard of '05. 
Do the best you can and be not afraid of doing the work your soul
commands, providing no human suffers a violation of the basic human
rights as codified in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights,
as delivered according to the true guidance of the Constitution of the
United States, as judged by the Rotary 4way Test.  Beyond this small
collection of words, many human generations of wording must be ignored
whenever they make no soul sense to a sane human.

PLEASE: Now retransmit this email via your clipboard in the proper
direction of every human on earth to whom you believe it might
pertain.  Let your now-present work be spoken of in the conversation
of the generations of humans living upon earth a thousand years from
now, "twas during the times of the Halloween Blizzard that the Peace
Engine was born" the very snow of that blizzard having frozen the
gorillas in their very tracks.  Let all persons save their emails in a
folder for the later counting and recording as one credit in the Peace
Engine on account of one Peace Engine task WELL DONE.

RULE: Insert your own wrappers within the middle part of this soul
message or simply forward it as you received it, devoid of any trace
back tho the SOUL-MESSAGE's originating soul docking station--we must
be realists, there are gorillas in our midst.

I am a prophet and my job is to render the phoneme strings necessary
to begin the soul programming of my generation, calling themselves the
first "Love Generation" of humans living now upon earth being duly
recorded as the first generation to not inhale many tons of the gifts
of the fields of earth, a simple soul warming emollient of the highest
efficacy.  Every person must willingly play the Peace Engine Game for
it to properly work as designed, stone cold sober is probably best but
it is not for my soul to judge yours on such matters of personal soul
intoxication.  If the Peace Engine posed a real danger to basic human
rights I might say otherwise, but I see no harm in this matter.

It is a simple thing, a mere sliver of time in the life of a human,
letting the soul consume this message, add its own brief wrapper of
soul truth, or not, and re-transmitting it to all most trusted soul
brothers and soul sisters (be well advised, soul docking stations come
in many colors).

This message will be easily digested by human souls.  Some future
messages will be a bitter pill unto King George and his gorillas. 
Freedom shall prevail because human souls will that it be so,
demanding in the process that no basic human rights violations may
occur, in the smallest measure among humans, as a direct or indirect
result of the operation of the Peace Engine.  Penalty credits will be
awarded as necessary and some humans start from now with a mighty soul

I am the Prophet of the Peace Engine and these are my first set of
words.  My second set of words, together comprising this one single
SOUL_MESSAGE, will follow verbatim the various soul wrappers inserted
between, in the sacred manner of human soul intercourse.

RULE: leave unmodified the SOUL_MESSAGE words above and below the
modifiable wrapper middle portion.  Put the words of your soul, unto
your directly descendant downstream soul brothers and sisters, and
have not a care how they might be modified.  Each
receiver_retransmitter(tm) may leave the middle portion untouched or
modify it to suit their soul's intent.  Remember to ALWAYS drag the
text through the clipboard of the soul docking stations computer.

PLEASE: Begin now your soul's countdown sequence to SOUL_MESSAGE launch.

*********the SOUL_MESSAGE wrapper*********Peace_engine_typist,...

Whew! I have nothing further to say and seek no delay.  Love you. Bye.

*************the SOUL_MESSAGE*************Peace_engine_scribe
Page [10H8] of the Soul Chronicles of the Peace Engine seer and prophet:

The most delicate art of the Peace Engine Scribe is to be able to
place upon a single hand written page, of about the dimensions of the
here present page of my Soul Chronicles, a mighty stinking turd of a
pile of words in the form of a single little phoneme-string song sung
by the voice of one soul intending to be heard by the soul of another.
 Every such page being claimed for one credit in the Peace Engine
money flow distribution means and one credit in the Peace Engine power
flow distributions.

One credit equals one well written soul page scribed into a soul
chronicles.  One credit requires at least one full page and the one
credit dwindles away in half for the second page, to a third of a
credit for a three page of a credit for a three page soul scribing. 
Likewise, less than a page receives decreasing credit proportional to
the square of the page left empty.  One page, little more than one
page, and much littler less.

That's the Rule.  I am just telling you the soul's honest truth about
the Rules.  I didn't write the rules, well actually I did but that was
in a previous emergence of my soul.

It is a Rule that the credit is not multiplied based upon the count of
soul nuggets and that any page receiving one full credit must contain
one Peace Engine Certified nugget of hitherto unrecorded newly
discovered phoneme string arrangements capable of re-engineering a
soul, in a single mighty soul sneeze.  My nugget for this page is:
Had United States humans at the time of the turning into the third
millennium of Christ, voted me President after reading my words and
tuning into my personal "Soulstream Radio"(tm), at narry a penny's
given from any person's pocket unto mine, my entire campaign budget
capped at 1x the average family income of U.S. Humans,...Get the
picture?  We see the Leader..

So for a nice Halloween "Surprise" I'd create defendable cell phone
towers operating autonomously, connected to the satellite eyes and
ears     of the world, free of charge video-phone service in Iraq. 
Then I'd deliver into the hands of every Iraq citizen a free
video-cell phone pack with a solar recharger.  HALLOWEEN SURPRISE!
(c)Peace Engine License.

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