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Re: 120051030_Halloween_Surprise(c)(tm)(patent_pending)

From: ethon
Subject: Re: 120051030_Halloween_Surprise(c)(tm)(patent_pending)
Date: 2 Nov 2005 16:05:27 -0800
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The four fundamental forces (as every thing else) are the result of the
effervescence phenomenon, its the same phenomenon with three
according to ethon density variation in an area and to the variation of
way particles loose their ethons.

Usually Gravity is defined as the force of attraction. But well see
that its not an attraction like we imagine it.
So what is gravity:

Gravity occurs between tow and more bodies.
We said that effervescence of tow particles in an area
creates a third field of ethon which looks like a field created by one
particle. However each particle preserve its own ethon field in this
(a system includes many particles or bodies). (See picture n°)
And we also said that direction of ethon current of a body
is from the highest to the lowest density.

Attraction occurs when the SUM of the ethons flow
(of the third field) that is running out of the system PLUS the
ethon flow created by each particle out of the system is BIGGER THAN
ethon flow created inside the system.

A+B+C >A1+B1

A: ethons loosed by A in opposite direction to B (out of
B: ethons loosed by B in opposite direction to A (out of
C: ethons of the united field that are always running out
of the syste
A1: ethons loosed by A towards B (inside system).
B1: ethons loosed by B towards A (inside system).

In other words gravity occurs when the physical space (or
space-time) created out of the system is bigger than inside the system.

When A+B+C =A1+B1

That means the smallest body is a satellite of the
biggest. Rotation occurs because the third field of ethons is in
And we said that motion is a creation and redistribution of ethons. So
the rotation of space time that make one body rotating around the

The explanation of why gravity is so weak is that ethon
density between bodies is very low while the density of ethons inside
atom is extremely high.
When A+B+C <A1+B1
That means there is a third body, which changes the effervescence
direction of the tow bodies and the system.
Electro-weak force:
The elector-weak force is the result of the way that particles loose
their ethons. So, what happens exactly:
We said that bodies (or particles) loose pre-ethons before these
pre-ethons annihilate into ethons. In this case the particle (or body)
loose pre-ethons in a certain shape: pre-ethons are loosed in a way
that a
given amount of pre-ethons draw a circle. The result of the
annihilation of
these pre-ethons with circle shape creates whirlwinds (of ethons)
as the explosion of hollow explosive charge (of dynamite).
There are tow directions of whirlwinds of ethons, lets say clockwise
and anti clockwise. These directions of rotation define the charge of a
So why tow particles with the same charge are attracted to each other
while tow particles with opposite charge are repulsed from each other.
To answer this question we must return to our example of tow particles
in effervescence in the same area.
Remember: The effervescence of tow particles in an area creates a third
field of ethon which looks like a field created by one particle.
each particle preserve its own ethon field in this system (a system
includes many particles or bodies).
The attraction or repulsion of the tow bodies depends on the evolution
of the amount of physical space between them. They are attracted if
physical space created (and redistributed) inside the system is less
physical space created (and redistributed by ethon current) out of the
When tow whirlwinds (of ethons) with the same direction of rotation are
put together they annihilate creating a big amount of ethons between
tow particles. Thats why tow particles with the same charge are
from each other.
When tow whirlwinds (of ethons) with opposite directions of rotation
put together, their strength is boosted and by the way the ethon
that is running out of the system is boosted making the amount of
inside the system less important than the amount of ethons (produced
redistributed) out of the system.
Thats why tow particles with opposite charge are attracted to each

Strong nuclear force:
Tow protons put together must create repulsion. Why its not the case
the nucleus:
Protons loose pre-ethons in circle shape, the annihilation of the
pre-ethons circles create whirlwinds (of ethons). These whirlwinds are
supposed to make a repulsion but when we add tow neutrons, these
also loose pre-ethons making circles loosed by protons disappear
shape is disturbed by pre-ethons loosed by neutrons) and by the way
whirlwinds disappear too.
These whirlwinds disappear inside the nucleus not out of it.

Why there is attraction and not repulsion?
Repulsion; attraction; or rotation depends on the effervescence rhythm
of a system. This rhythm is related to distances; masses; charges
This relation is not linear . I cant say more.
Observation: All photons are whirlwinds, but not all whirlwinds are
Space-time curvature is the contrast of ethons density. Gravity to an
area occurs when the ethon density there is higher than it is in the
For example: Gravity of an object to earth is due to high density of
ethons that surround earth (ethon density decreases when we go forwards
And we said that ethon current direction is from the highest density to
the lowest density so this direction is deviated when the object comes
Earth and object are a system where the direction of ethons (of both
earth and object) is out of the system. That means space is increasing
of the system. In addition to that, the flow of the third ethon field
common field of earth and object) is going out of the system. That
space between the tow objects is decreasing. The combination of the tow
effects creates the apparent attraction.
We said that ethon density decrease when we go forward the nucleus. The
contrast will be very high between an atom and its surrounding and even
inside the atom itself.
That means space time isnt the same and thats the origin of some
quantum strangeness. And among them the uncertainty principle.
So what are origins of non-locality:

Trajectory of a particle inside an atom (in high ethon density) is a
continuous succession of ethons. But when we transpose this trajectory
of the atom (in lower ethon density) it will give us a discontinuous
succession of ethon.
The high contrast inside the atom means space-time curvature. That
we can see one object in tow positions at the same time. Its similar
the effect of the sun gravity, which make us see one star in different
positions at the same time.
The high contrast (of ethon density) makes informations dont arrive to
us in the right chronological order, because its deviated by (micro)
space-time curvatures.
- A particle loose pre-ethons in a position A and move to position
B.pre-ethons are annihilating in position A and particle is
annihilating in
position B. and we said that all properties of matter are result of its
effervescence. so we have an illusion to see the particle in tow
at the same time.
May be thats why an electron is seen as a cloud around the
Well try here to explain how light speed is constant. Well also
explain the physical time contraction.
Relations are not linear, but to make the explanation easy will suppose
them linear.
Lets start:
Light speed is constant in physical space according to the absolute
That means light cross the same amount of ethons during an absolute
Light speed isnt constant according to absolute space.
This constancy is due to:
- Absence of mass, this makes photons insensitive to background waves.
And may be light is the only thing that exist continuously. (See
Constancy of light speed:
When people or objects are traveling at a substantial fraction of the
speed of light; the density of ethons out of the system changes making
density of ethons inside the system (inside rocket) changing too.
If rocket speed is 50% of LS; the amount of ethons inside a ruler
becomes twice it is on earth. If a ruler length on earth was X ethons,
will be 2X in the rocket. However number of atoms that make the ruler
remain the same.
So what changed?
Its the ethon density inside the atom and in space
between atoms that changed. Their changing isnt proportional. But the
combination of the tow (atom and space between atoms) makes the length
the ruler (by ethons) twice its length on earth.

And we said that light speed cross ethons is constant, so light will
take twice absolute time to cross the ruler.
But what happens to atomic time? (See definition of atomic time)
In the other hand we said that ethon density inside atoms changed, so
speed inside atoms also changed (see definition of motion).
(are motion) inside atoms are twice slower. Thats why light speed
according to atomic time remains the same.
This model can explain other physical phenomenon like: light refraction
diffraction and absorption, dark energy and many others but I think
useless. All I want is to introduce you to this view.
According to our hypothesis when traveling at a substantial fraction of
the speed of light: life of a single particle (not system) must
while atomic time contracts.
But experimentation shows that particle life is longer in an
accelerator. This can be explained by the fact that this particle (in
high speed) absorbs energy of whirlwinds that it cross inside the
accelerator. (See whirlwinds in explanation of elector-weak and strong
These whirlwinds crossed (and absorbed) in the accelerator, change the
inertia -resistance- of the particle to effervescence (mass is inertia
resistance- to effervescence).
This increasing of life particle inside an accelerator is a kind of
matter creation. (See matter creation).
Observation: all photons are whirlwinds but not all whirlwinds are


There is tow ways to explain quantum entanglement:
The first is short and too easy, but it doesnt allow a perfect
The second is a little bit complicated but it allows (in given
conditions) a perfect Simultaneity.
First explanation:
The space-time waves are crossed by waves like sound waves in sea
When we prepare two particles in a single quantum state they are in the
same diapason, that means one particle vibrates according to the
of the other particle.
This explanation presuppose sound-like waves inside space-time waves
spreading faster than the speed of light, and the Simultaneity will not
The second explanation is more interesting

Second explanation:
We said that all properties of a particle are a result of its
effervescence, a particle without effervescence doesnt exist
The effervescence process isnt continuos, its discontinuous, the
effervescence is a succession of short effervescence sequences. We
that effervescence process is generated by background waves coming from
origin of the universe from the big bang explosion.
When a background wave hits a particle it releases one effervescence
sequence of this particle and creates an echo of the background wave.
background wave spreads in one way only, while its echo spreads in all
directions forwards the particle.
Our world doesnt exist continuously (because the background waves and
their echo are not everywhere every time).

When we prepare two particles in a single quantum state they are in the
same diapason, that means one particle vibrates according to the
of the other particle.
The Simultaneity will be perfect from A to B if this background wave
direction is from A to B.
It will be imperfect if the background wave is from B to A, in this
its the echo of the background wave coming from A that brings the
vibration to B, time of correlation will be an entire number of one
effervescence sequence.
If we suppose that a single sequence of effervescence duration is a
chronon, then time of correlation between A and B will be x choronon
with x
entire number.
We said that matter is annihilating into pre-ethons before these
pre-ethons disintegrate into ethons.
The amount of ethons produced by the pre-ethons annihilation is not
linear its wavy. That means the space-time is wavy.
In young experimentation interference fringes are made by space-time
waves and because particles are moving in space-time their impact
correspond to space-time waves impact.

The particle exhibits a wave-like behavior when space-time waves have
some properties and it exhibits a particle-like behavior when
waves have other properties.
These properties can be:

Space-time waves: length, height, frequency and direction.
The particle exhibits a particle-like behavior when:

The sum of space-time waves in physical vacuum and space-time waves
produced by the particle effervescence is null.
The sum is space-time waves with very long wavelength.
The sum is space-time waves with very short height.

The measurement problem:
Measurement means information, and information means a motion of
something (matter or photons) from the measured area to the measurement
In other words measurement is a deviation at least of ethons. This
deviation perturbs space-time waves and by the way perturbs the sum of
space-time waves of the particle and vacuum.
This measurement can also change the effervescence rhythm of the
Young experiment:
In young experiment the measurement disturbs synchronization between
space-time waves coming through the tow pinholes, The interference
disappear and the interference fringes of the particle disappear also.
The disturbance occurs only at the measurement, because it occurs only
when real deviation (of ethons) occurs.
The synchronization between the tow pinholes disappear instantly, but
takes a while to appear again.
We can say the same thing about the synchronization between space-time
waves produced by a particle and space-time waves in vacuum it
instantly but it take a while to appear again. (a particle have an
-resistance- to change its effervescence rhythm)


We said that all properties of a particle are a result of its
effervescence. Particle without effervescence doesnt exist physically.
Our world is filled with particles without effervescence, without mass
(mass is inertia resistance-of a body to effervescence) this lack of
effervescence is due may be to:
-The matter structure.
-Or to its absolute speed (in absolute space).
-Or to its insensitiveness to the background waves we mention in
Whatever, when a photon cross (to avoid saying hits) this particle in
given conditions, the photon energy changes the structure of this
making it in effervescence state.
The relation between energy and mass is in fact a relation between
energy and the particle inertia-resistance- to effervescence.
This parallel world (or worlds) isnt well structured as ours, its
rather a pollution of our world than a parallel world.
Real parallel worlds (structured like ours) can exist but not in the
same absolute location we have.
However this pollution particles have memory, and interference with
our world thats may be the explanation of some paranormal


I titled this paper a sketch. because its an outline.
I hope you have understood this amateur view.
My goal is to share this idea (may be its helpful in
someway), Youll agree that Ive a monstrous lack of knowledge in
and mathematics, but my reasoning is logical, naïve but logical.

Ive been told that to be taken seriously a hypothesis
must be crazy .I tried to make it as crazy as possible, unfortunately I
couldnt leave my common sense, sorry I need it

Certainly this paper is worthless but no one can say its
wrong. If we really reached the common sense limits neither wrong nor

The only hope this paper has comes from the fact that
mathematicians at a macroscopic and microscopic scale with existing
technology can simulate this hypothesis.
A further understanding will lead us to make predictions
that can be verified by experimentation.

I hope this idea is enough explained and expound to pass
judgement on. (As an amateur of course).
This paper doesnt need comments I am not able to
understand them. But you can help me by giving address of physics
web site. And if you have some advises about studies in Europe send

phone: + 21363585822

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