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Re: [PEG_10H8] 120051030_Halloween_Surprise(c)(tm)(patent_pending)

From: Wyl Newland
Subject: Re: [PEG_10H8] 120051030_Halloween_Surprise(c)(tm)(patent_pending)
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 11:05:11 -0600

On 11/2/05, Alan Connor <i3x9mdw@j9n35c.invalid> wrote:
> On gnu.misc.discuss, in 
> <>, "Wyl Newland" 
> wrote:
> I guess you jerks

I am uncertain what specifically pushed your "jerk" response button
and I am sorry that I inadvertently did so, for that was not my
intent.  I understand the desire to filter spam.  I understand that
one person's spam is another persons bologna and is yet another
person's pate'.  It's just a matter of personal phoneme-string taste
and human-intent attunement.

In my estimation, on the great highway of life you just flipped me off
and I am accepting the admonition with a smile and driving onward on
my appointed rounds.

Given the plural form of "jerks" was used, I do take slight offense
that you also flipped off another passenger on my message stream.  His
response to my message was a perfectly normal soul phenomena.  I take
offense because I disapprove of the shaming-means of behavior control,
in a public place, as I'll lecture in a moment.

In my estimation my passenger merely internalized enough of the
phoneme-stings of my original message to feel a sense of attunment,
between my mission and his, to want to affix his message to mine.  I
actually feel very honored to have provided him a means of his message

Both my message and his require a deep parsing of the English language
to understand the full messages.  Let me brielfy explain certain
"Human Mechanics" of the side-effects of the "Human Dynamics" aspects
of information flow.

<LECTURE by="Professor Newland">
Coincident with the sending of such a message the body receives a
nuero-chemical "feel good" cleansing bath, triggered in the manner of
an instinct amidst the chemical flow systems emergent from stardust,
by means of the human genetic material.  The "message sent"
nuero-chemical bath in nothing compared to the soul's feelings of

Among the various chemical baths enabled and programmable within the
human biochemical flow systems, I prefer laughter.  I also like the
whole body jostling effect of a ctrl-alt-delete class sneeze.  I like
various other triggerable body chemical flow baths that are
out-of-scope for now.  I do not mind the "shame bath" when I
administer it to myself.  I consider it a minor violation of basic
human rights when one adult human attempts to trigger the shame-bath
of another.

On the receiving end of a soul message transmission, the "message
understood" feeling is one among many of the body's reward means.  The
fact that I am subjecting the message flow of the soul-programming
means to strict copyleft, by means of the Peace Engine License, is the
subject of future messages.   Let us proceed back to the matter at

I do indeed understand that some people will add me to their "kill
file" and I go to extra trouble to make it easy for them.  Every
message concerning the playing of the Peace Engine Game and every
message concerning the application of the Peace Engine License to any
human created work, share an easily discernable feature in the message
title itself.  Please notice the the title begins with a unified
message stream identifier.  The here present message stream's
signifying title begins with the string "[PEG-" making it so unusual
that you may easily add this message stream to your kill file.  I
communicate in this manner for exactly that reason.

For those curious about the remaining message stream identifier string
"_10H8", that is merely an application of the Peace Engine means of
claiming "credit" and citing as proof the specific page number
(counted in base twenty-four), hand written into my chronicles.  After
the digital scanning of my hand written pages into digital form for
distribution within the information flow means of the Peace Engine,
the page cited and its digital image provide proof of the validity of
my Peace Engine credit claim, enabling my share of the money and power
flows of the Peace Engine.   In later mesages within the "[PEG-"
message stream, I explain the "Peace Engine Game, Rules of Play" for
these matters.

> You wear a gag when you are in our newsreaders and have no
> choice in the matter.

I am uncertain who exactly "our" pertains to but the image of bondage
within the context of a message of discipline gives rise to

In any case, my primary intent for message [PEG_10H8] is complete.  I
have added numerous useful phoneme-strings into the search engines. 
By way of proof, I googled "Peace Engine License" and found only my
first message of the stream and I am content.

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