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Re: GPL question regarding modules

From: Isaac
Subject: Re: GPL question regarding modules
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 13:31:56 -0600
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On 8 Nov 2005 18:24:25 -0800, <> 
> link against your new engine.  Once you have done this and are no
> longer linking against GPL'd code is there anything legally stopping
> you from changing the license on your module to be proprietary software
> (provided that the entire module is copyrighted to you, with no
> contributions from other people)?  Obviously, the original code
> submitted for your module under the GPL would still be there for anyone
> to use on that license, but your code that you have the copyright to
> you can change to be under a proprietary license?

You can release your own code under any license you chose whenever you
chose.  I could come up with some potential arguments suggesting that
your module was a derivative work of the original engine, but I personally
would not find those arguments persuasive.


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