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Re: GPL and other licences

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: GPL and other licences
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 14:20:37 +0100

David Kastrup wrote:
> Alexander Terekhov <> writes:
> > Fung wrote:
> >>
> >> I am currently doing some research on open source licences and
> >> while reading the GPL licence the following question arose:
> >> Distributing a derivative work combined from software licensed
> >> under [whatever]
> >
> > Combining software doesn't create a derivative work under copyright
> > law. If anything, it creates a compilation, not a derivative work.
> Nonsense.  "compilation" in copyright law and "compilation" in
> computing are completely different things.

Hey retard, I meant compilation as in copyright law. Once you've 
got a lawfully made copy of a "computer program" (a set of 
instructions... see the definition) in source code form, you can 
reproduce it in object code form (as an additional copy per 17 USC 
117) using compilation process (as in computing), link it together 
with other stuff and run. It has nothing to do with "fair use". 

Furthermore, 17 USC 117 entitles the owner of a lawfully made copy 
(source code see above) to distribute additional copies (in object
code form see above) "along with the copy from which such copies 
were prepared".


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