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Re: GPL and other licences

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: GPL and other licences
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 11:03:42 +0100

   What user?  I am the only one who uses this computer?  I'm not
   putting any restrictions on anyone.  Are you suggesting that you
   are free to drop by and help yourself to GPL software on my

Huh? How can I license anything under the GPL that I didn't write?
What are you talking about?

   >    Is software on my home system that I never distribute
   >    proprietary?
   > How should I know what license your software at home is licensed
   > under?

   Are you deliberately being obtuse?  

No, but you are obviously mixing up lots of things, and cannot give
clear explanation to why you write what you write.  I have no idea how
you came to the conclusion that someone can drop by your house and
start relicensing software under the GPL.  I have no clue what your
software is licensed under, so making _any_ claim about it is silly.
If you are to obnoxious to even answer such a simple question, then it
would do everyone good if you stopped replying to this thread.

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