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Too late! Window hasta la vista 5308 is now fully operational.

From: Karen Hill
Subject: Too late! Window hasta la vista 5308 is now fully operational.
Date: 23 Feb 2006 11:04:19 -0800
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The lienux kernel of corn rebels had 5 years of opportunity to take the
desktop  lead.  They failed.  It is too late now.  vista is done, fully
feature complete.

The FSF movement has lost most credibility to deliver a desktop
product.  In 2001, they said that their method of producing soft wear
over then internet with many eyes looking at the code was superiour.
Could it be true?  The commercial soft wear world was quaking in their
boots.  Vista was just a gleam in the eye of its creators.  In fact it
would eventually be rewritten to be based on the Wi n2 k3 code base.

The Redmond empire was vulnerable.  Anti-trust concent decrees, no new
os products for 5 years.  This did not look good, the nightmare senario
of redmond planners and strategists.  If played correctly by the
opposition, wills worst fears would come to pass.  Yet channel public
perception, and enough time could be bought so vista could be born to
the world.  Legions of marketers were summoned and deployed.  Linear
programming, Markov chains,  graph and game theory were deployed to
calculate the most effective strategies.  Some of the problems were so
computationally intensive that there are no computers powerful enough
could calculate the optimal strategies.

 Yet when the results were tallied, the FSF is doing WORSE than the bSD
licensed software projects.  Of note here are the only truly notable
and remarkable  successful FSF projects:
lienux kernel of corn.

That's it.  Most of the other "free" soft wear is done by bSD or giant
lizard licensed soft wear.  Here is the common soft wear that the FSF
likes people to accociate with their model yet bSD pre-dates FSF and is
totally different.
A patchy server
post a guess
a nice cup of Joe from the coffe house
and nice open office

These often get confused with FSF and contribute to making the FSF seem
like a better way to create soft wear.  Yet, a Fruit Co was able to
show them this was not the case.  2000-2006 will be remembered as the
years the Fruit Co became successful again in pods to some extent and
the lienux kernel of corn will just be a footnote in history as an
unsuccessful idea.

hasta la Vista will be born at the same time a consent decree expires.
Gloves come off and the kernel will be eaten for that extra 2% of
market nutrition.

By the way, My Nathans brilliant plan to put  Eunuchs  out of the top
spot market share in the serving business worked finally after more
than a decade.  Bet you read about the story in the news! People prefer
a window to serve with than a Eunuchs now.  How did they do it?  By
convincing supporters of for pro fit Eunechs creators to go with a free
lienux.  Just look at the 1999> credits.  Grep them some time.

Less biz for the pro fit eunuchs means less RD and less competitive pro
ducts tape.  Aye eye Ex, hype You Ex, So Lier is, were food munchies
lienux ate just like Nathan planned.  But then a big blue meanie  took
the initiative and began feeding  lienux Aye eye Ex and turned the
tables on My. Nathan.  Totally unexpected action from a Blue meanie.
But turns out, it worked out for the best as Aye Eye Ex, and the rest
were feed to Lienex by there makers! How stoopid of them.  Now hasta la
vista will eat lienex when it needs market food share in 2006.

Dirty Real  Movies (DRM) is already working to make MEdeya Playa the
only choice.  If you wanna watch a full dirty movie on the net you need
Medeya Playa and a license to view your dirty movie content.  Dirty
Movie makers are using it so they stream da movies and all use Medeya
Playa.  Sure you can get 20 second clips in a mypeg dor mat and who
wants that?  If you want to watch a private you need MEdeya Playa.

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