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Re: Can LGPL be used for non-libraries

From: Daniel Qarras
Subject: Re: Can LGPL be used for non-libraries
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 22:37:41 +0200
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Sorry for being pedantic here but I am considering to use LGPL for a software package that is not a software library in any sense and therefore I would need to know exactly how to do it when LGPL is actually requiring modifications to be software libraries.

What rights are hoping to allow people to take advantage of that
are not available under the GPL?

The right to modify a non-library that is licensed under the
Library GPL. How can I satisty LGPL 2a) that says:
"The modified work must itself be a software library."
when the original clealry is not a software library?

Are you speaking for Daniel or as one of Daniel's users?

Neither, but that's irrelevant here.

From the user perspective even a non library work can be compiled as a library with no changes to the source. Some modification or additions might be needed to make that library reasonable useful. Thus there is no inconsistency with releasing a non library work under the LGPL. Perhaps for you 2a) is not useful because you do not want to release a modified library.

If you don't like those choices the LGPL allows you to instead distribute the modified code under the GPL if the final work is not a library.

I guess you miss the point here. I was originally asking whether LGPL can be used for non-libraries or not, including also modified versions, not about any other possible choices. I again refer to the examples I mentioned, and GNU GPP: I notice that, e.g., Linux distributions (including Debian, Red Hat, and SuSE) are shipping slightly modified/patched versions of OOo as part of their distributions but they claim the license is LGPL. But since, e.g., OOo or OOo's Writer is not a software library, why is this allowed?


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