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Helps me understand the license requirements

From: nikwibble
Subject: Helps me understand the license requirements
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 07:59:26 +1300

Can you guys help me fully understand my requirements for the following 

I've written a closed source application that runs on multimedia appliance. 
I have reused the a couple of libraries from another project that runs on 
the same appliance. Both of these libraries are covered by the LGPL license. 
A complete linux busybox image and my application are compiled and built 
into an image file, which the appliances uses to boot from (TFTP/BOOTP). 
This resulting image is supplied as part of a much larger application.

I had originally intended to provide a readme document which commented on 
the origin of these libraries, and to provide a COPYING.TXT which contains 
the LGPL agreement, but started to wonder if that is enough.

1) Do I need to make downloads of the source code to these libraries 
available myself, or since they are unaltered can I simply point any users 
that want this to the project that developed these libraries?

2) Do I need to worry about the linux image itself? I got the instructions 
for setting up my build environment from this other project I've referred 
to. Do I need to do anything here?

Please help me understand. Thanks in advance. 

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