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Re: Commercial code is better: Cedega VS Wine

From: B Gruff
Subject: Re: Commercial code is better: Cedega VS Wine
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 22:07:13 +0000
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On Wednesday 08 March 2006 18:38 billwg wrote:

> XP Home is designed to do what the home user wants to do in the vast
> majority of cases.  Debian confuses the hell out of the casual home user
> and is a poor choice for the fraction of the market where the simplicity
> of XP Home is a strong advantage.

This really *is* nonsense that you are posting, baa-lamb.
Now let's have a realistic appraisal:-

XP Home is a cut-down (crippled) version of Windows, which has had its
functionality reduced to the extent that the vast majority of corporate
buyers will not consider it, while not being crippled to the extent that
too many home users will complain about it or look elsewhere.

It has absolutely zero to do with simplifying *anything* for the benefit of
the home user, and absolutely *everything* to do with maximising profits on
other versions.

At least *try* to *appear* to be honest, there's a good little lamb.

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